SEEDS OF FAITH, AWE, AND WONDER (for Rosemary & Thyme)

At one point in my life, my mom made a rule that I wasn’t allowed to read until after dinner. I could get a little – well, you know – emotionally involved with a good storyline. If I needed to stop reading at a particularly upsetting or anticipatory moment, it was likely that I would appear at dinner crying, stressed, or overjoyed. In an effort to protect everyone from the unknown, I was only allowed to read once I was in my room for the evening.

I’m still captivated by books. But now I’m the mom, and my rule is we read all of the time.

At our house, we want to raise interesting, lifelong learners. We’re ten months in with our first baby – and I’m only 37% sure that this is working – but it seems to me that the way to cultivate a love of learning is to teach a child about God in a way that fosters a sense of awe and adoration. My own understanding of God as the creator of all things and all people makes all things and all people quite fascinating: the etches on a tree trunk, the way the ocean ebbs and flows, the fact that you have blue eyes and I have freckles, the way food smells and how music moves you. Being in awe of the God who created everything sparks curiosity and wonder, which leads to learning about him and his world. I think raising (and being) more than navel-gazers requires being captivated by something else – or rather, someone else.

This excerpt was originally written for Rosemary & Thyme. See the full post here